Courses Taught

Alessandro Duranti

Distinguished Professor of Anthropology,
University of California at Los Angeles

  • 349 Haines Hall
  • +1 310-825-5833
  • UCLA Department of Anthropology
    341 Haines Hall – Box 951553
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1553 USA

Undergraduate Courses

Culture and Communication (Anthro 33)

The Culture of Jazz Aesthetics – Taught by Kenny Burrell and Alessandro Duranti (Catalogue title: Anthropology M142R; cross-listed with Ethnomusicology, World Arts and Cultures, and African American Studies)

Graduate Seminars

Core Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology (Anthropology 204)

Topics in Linguistic Anthropology: (a) Agency and Intentionality in Language (Fall 2006); (b) Linguistic Relativity (Winter 2003) (Anthropology 241, same as Linguistics M246C)

Ethnographic Methods in Discourse Analysis (Anthropology M249a, M249b same as Applied Linguistics M270a, M270b)

The Culture of Intersubjectivity (Duranti & Throop, Instructors) (Anthropology 295)